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Our Contract Bonds

Bid Bonds

The bid bond provides financial assurance that the contractor submitting a bid, if awarded the construction contract, will enter into a formal contract with the owner and will post a performance and payment bond.

Performance Bonds

The performance bond guarantees construction contract performance. The performance bond requires the contractor to fulfill all the contract terms, specifications, and conditions.

Payment Bonds

The payment bond guarantees that the contractor will pay certain labor and material bills associated with the contract, as well as subcontractors that are included in the definition of labor and materials that follow appropriate federal or state statute, or for private owners, the conditions specified in the payment bond.

Our Commercial Bonds

Court Bonds

Court Bonds are often required of individuals or firms involved in legal actions. Bonds required of plaintiffs, those parties instituting the court action, are often more acceptable to surety companies than those required of defendants. Defendant bonds nearly always require full cash collateral.

Crime Bonds

The combination crime policy enables an insured to protect his business against losses that are the results of criminal acts.

License & Permit Bonds

License & Permit Bonds guarantee that an entity will obey all statutes and licenses required by state government. This bond is required before a license is granted. There are many different types of license & permit bonds, each guaranteeing something unique, and with its own amount of risk in the eyes of the bonding companies. For these reasons the rates vary from bond to bond.

Fiduciary Bonds

Fiduciary Bonds are judicial bonds used in civil proceedings. Often referred to as "probate bonds," fiduciary bonds are used under a wide range of circumstances, including the administration of estates or the management of the affairs of trusts or wards. The purpose of this type of bond is to ensure that the interests of those concerned are properly safeguarded.

Subdivision Bonds

When a builder desires to subdivide a plot of land for building sites, most municipalities require the contractor to post a bond guaranteeing that he will make the necessary improvements (streets, sewers, curbs, sidewalks, etc.) before turning the streets over to the city or town.

Miscellaneous Bonds

Miscellaneous bonds are those bonds that do not fit into any of the more specific categories. These bonds are unique in purpose and use. Although Government regulations intended to protect the public require some of the miscellaneous bonds, the vast majority of these bonds arise from private relationships and facilitate business transactions.

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